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Naming and Welcoming Ceremony

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Naming and Welcoming Ceremony

Naming and Welcoming ceremonies are truly special, unique and celebratory events. The arrival of a baby or the adoption of a child of any age is a joyous, life-changing and heart-warming event in the lives of the family who are welcoming them.

A Baby Naming Ceremony or a Welcoming Ceremony celebrates the uniqueness of this new family member. It brings together family and extended family to promise to support the child to grow healthily and safely into adulthood. The ceremony offers parents the opportunity to express their love and lifelong commitment to the child and promise to love and cherish them all of their lives.

The ceremony is uplifting, happy and can include as few or as many family members as possible. Very often parents like to ask friends or family members to become Guide Parents to the child. The Guide Parents are special people who will also promise to cherish the child in a very special way. They commit to supporting the parents to fulfil their responsibilities to their child throughout their lives.
A Baby Naming Ceremony or a Welcoming Ceremony incorporates symbolic enhancements, reflections and commitment charters. Parents are able to include many ways to show their child how welcome they are into their family. These may include:

Creating a wish tree where all guests hang their wishes for the child.

Plant some flowers.

Light a candle of hope.

Build a Memory Box.

Sign a Certificate of Commitment.

Open a Guest Book.

Place a Charm Bracelet on the baby.

Have a Bubbles Bash.

My Commitment to You

Your ceremony is important to me. As your celebrant, I will respond to your plans in a personal and professional manner. I will meet with you to get to know you. I will listen to you and learn about the plans that you have for your celebration.

In order to ensure that you have the perfect day that that everyone will remember and enjoy I will:

I will meet with you in person to discuss your ceremony.

I will be available by email, text, phone and facetime when required.

I will celebrate your ceremony in the venue of your choice.

I will offer guidance and support on the structure of your ceremony.

I will offer suggestions and inspiration on the content of your ceremony.

I will suggest a variety of symbolic Enhancements which reflect your family.

If you have other symbolic enhancements which reflect your own tradition I will be happy to discuss their inclusion in the ceremony.

I will write a personalised and individual ceremony for you.

I will guarantee that your ceremony will be the only one that I will conduct that day.

I will help you to relax so that you can enjoy your day without worry.

I will provide an organised and professional service by a person who wants your celebration to be perfect too.

What must you do now?

Contact me now through my website or phone me directly on 089 223 9292 to arrange a meeting.


The fee for my services is €150 (this includes travel and maintenance). The deposit of €50 if payable at the initial consultation. The balance is due 28 days prior to your ceremony

Each year I donate 1% of my fees to an Irish charity.

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