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Ceremony Enhancements

Hand Fasting

Hand-fasting is a symbolic unity ritual in which the couple stand face to face as their hands are tied together – hence the phrase, tying the knot!. As your hands are bound, you can recite words that express your commitment to one another. Your hands may be bound with ribbons or cord, scarves or silk but something that is significant to you.

Colour may be used as a symbol in the handfasting. The colour of the bonds may represent love, strength, purity, kindness, gentleness or other gifts that you hope to bring to your marriage.

Hands of the Newly Married Couple

Hands are hugely symbolic in relationships. The touch of a hand offers support and nourishment to the person you love. The hands hold the other in times of fear or worry. The Hands of the Bride and Groom, the Bride and Bride, the Groom and Groom or Partner and Partner Ceremony, is an intimate blessing on the couple hands for them to hold each other for always.

Jumping Over the Broom

Jumping the broom is a traditional enhancement performed at some weddings. After vows are exchanged, a broom is placed on the ground and the couple hold hands and jump over a broom to seal the union. A good-natured joke was whoever jumped the broom the highest was designated as the household decision-maker. It is a fun and joyful act and brings laughter to your wedding ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

In the Rose Ceremony, the Bride and Groom, the Bride and Bride, the Groom and Groom or Partner and Partner give each other a Rose. It is a simple act of giving and receiving love embodied through the rose which says ‘I love you’. This act gives you a moment to focus on the flower, breath in and appreciate the wonder of your wedding day. The Rose Ceremony is placed at the end of the ceremony just before you are pronounced married.

The Unity Candle

The Unity Candle is one of the most popular unity ceremonies used in weddings. It is a highly symbolic joining of two lives through the medium of light. The Bride and Groom, the Bride and Bride, the Groom and Groom or Partner and Partner each light a candle at the start of the ceremony. These candles represent their lives as single people, they may also represent the family from which you come. Later in the ceremony, a single candle is lit as you become a couple. You are a new family.

The Unity Candle can be kept and used when and if you decide to bring a new life into your family when you have a baby or adopt a child.

Sand Ceremony

A Sand Ceremony or Blending of the Sand is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one in a wedding ceremony. The Bride and Groom, the Bride and Bride, the Groom and Groom or Partner and Partner each hold a vase of sand and pour it into one larger vase. When the sands are mixed they can never be ‘unmixed’. They are like your marriage inseparable. This is also a great way to include the children of both bride and groom in the wedding ceremony.

The sand ceremony is also beautiful during a naming ceremony as the family welcomes a new child into your lives.

Mother’s Flower Ceremony

The Mother’s Flower Ceremony is a great way of honouring the couples’ mothers or other family members during a wedding ceremony. You can choose any flower and you will each give your mother or grandmother or godmother a flower(s) to express your love and thanks for their support throughout your lives. Of course you can include your dad, granddad, or godfather in this way too.

Memory Box

A Memory Box is a wonderful way of adding a personal touch to your Wedding Ceremony. The box itself can be a plain, or decorated, box, a small vintage suitcase or even a biscuit tin. It can include whatever you want.

Some simply contain a sealed love letter detailing your hopes for the future, from each of you, and perhaps a bottle of wine so that you can enjoy a drink, together, when you open the box. Some include notes or cards from the guests written on the day. Some contain the script of the ceremony. Some include instant photos taken on the day. The box is sealed and reopened in one, two, five years. Thereby reliving the joy and love of your wedding day.

The box can be resealed at that time and other memories added such as a baby’s shoes, photo of baby or adopted child or any other memento.

Remembering Loved Ones

Your wedding day may be tinged with sadness as you miss a person whom you have loved and who you wished could be with you on your wedding day. It is important to acknowledge these important people through enhancements. These enhancements may include:

  • Assigning a special chair at the ceremony with their name on it.
  • Lighting a remembrance candle in their honour.
  • Displaying a photograph of the person you loved.
  • Incorporating their favourite flowers into the ceremony.
  • Playing their favourite music.
  • Reading their favourite poem.
  • Releasing balloons at the end of the ceremony.
  • Signing of Certificate.

At your wedding, vow renewal, naming or welcoming ceremony you may choose to mark the day by signing a Celebration Certificate. The certificate may then be framed and displayed in a place of honour in your home. The certificate can be personalised to reflect you and include your vows and commitments.

Love Cup

The purpose of the Loving Cup ceremony is for the newly married couple to share their first drink together as a married couple and to show the coming together of two families.

The use of the wine cup or Loving Cup at a wedding is an ancient tradition.. The Loving Cup ceremony also has its roots in Irish, French and Jewish cultures.

Today there are different versions of the Loving Cup. The traditional quaich is shaped like a two handled bowl and often has an inlaid Celtic design.

Loving Cups come in many designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Some couples choose use a crystal wine glass and have their names and the date of their wedding etched in glass.

Special words can be added to include the couples’ parents (and friends) as part of this ceremony.

The cup is then passed down from generation to generation, ensuring happiness and good fortune to all who drink from it. This is a special moment for the couple to toast their love, devotion and friendship.

Ring Warming

The tradition of the “Ring Warming” ceremony is a great way to begin your wedding ceremony!

During the Ring Warming Ceremony, your wedding rings are “warmed” by each of your guests at the beginning of your ceremony.

Each guest will be asked to hold your rings for a moment and make a silent wish for you, your marriage and the years that are to follow this special day.

After the rings have been passed to all of the guests they will be returned to the couple or the best man for use when saying the vows.

This is an extremely personal way to get your guests involved in your wedding ceremony and is ideal for small weddings.

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